Our Mission

Here, at Beyond Beauty by Dr. O, Iffie Okoronkwo, M.D. uses her vast knowledge of all aspects of the human body to help her patients look and feel like their younger selves. She uses regenerative medicine techniques, products and equipment to turn back the clock of aging both inside and out. Her goal is to redirect her patients’ focus from striving to look like someone else to being the best versions of themselves. She accomplishes this by addressing not only a patient’s concerns about his or her outward appearance but also evaluates their health and lifestyle as a whole.

As we age, our outward appearance is directly affected by internal changes like loss of collagen, slowing of metabolism and hormonal imbalances. Unlike a lot of other cosmetic practices which focus their efforts on improving just the visual effects of these changes, Dr. O addresses the internal changes and imbalances directly. This approach allows Dr. O to give a more comprehensive treatment approach to her patients, improving not only their outward appearance, but also their life experience as a whole.